Monday, November 4, 2013

Summer Review: Mason's Gotcha Day and More!

We were so busy this summer there was hardly time to post. Both boys are now in school! Zach is in Kindergarten and Mason started pre-school this fall. Both boys love school and are having fun making new friends.

Mason's First Gotcha Day

In May, we celebrated Mason's first Gotcha Day Anniversary! Mason has come so far in a year. When he's not making mom laugh with his devious giggle, he likes to wrestle with Dad and Zach, ride his bike, and play with Hot Wheels, trucks and tractors. He also loves going to the farm for combine and tractor rides. As we're driving about, he likes to point out all of the "fast cars." That is, the sports cars and classic cars. Somehow he knows the difference!

Family Vacation

In July, we went to Wisconsin for a vacation. We stayed in a cabin at Three Bears Resort. For three days we pretty much had the indoor water park to ourselves, as most visitors opted for the outdoor water park just down the road. 

Of course we made good use of the outdoor park for a day, as well. 

And built a fire at our cabin and made smores!

This was our first official "family vacation" with four in the family. God has blessed us greatly. 

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.  --Psalm 127:3

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